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​The DRAX Digital Index 

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The most successful and fastest-growing companies don't just maximise revenue; they also maximise their leadership potential.


Download our latest Digital Index to find out who made our Top 10 fastest-growing assets. Since 2015, we've used our unique digital analytics platform, Leadership Dynamics, to analyse over 10,000 private equity transactions.


In the tech-enabled sector, our predictions rank the top performing assets for strong growth and that are expected to be attractive main transactions.


The data we've gathered, in collaboration with Leadership Dynamics, allows us to model capabilities that reduce the risks and opportunity costs of ineffective leadership, as well as assisting companies in making intelligent leadership decisions that enhance value creation outcomes.


We've uncovered a few critical factors that allow us to forecast high-growth performance assets in the tech-enabled industry that are likely to be attractive primary transactions.


To learn more, download our Digital Index to find out the: 


  • The Top 10 companies signalling ‘company change’
  • The Top 10 companies signalling ‘company growth’ 
  • The Top 10 companies signalling ‘company investing.’